What we do

Findafuneralplan.co.uk is a money blog written specifically for people who are looking at funeral plans or over 50 life insurance with a view to covering the future cost of their funeral.  Nearly 400,000 people each year buy a funeral plan or over 50s life insurance policy.  We want to try and help make sure that when someone buys one of these plans they know what they are doing and choose the option that is right for them.  Every year people buy these plans and then years later realise they have bought the wrong plan for them or are tied in and didn’t realise – if they cancel then they often don’t get back the money they put in or worse still get nothing back at all!

We don’t offer personal advice

Nothing on this web site represents advice, expression of suitability, an inducement or invitation to purchase any of the products it features.  We do not tailor any advice for individuals.  Before you buy any products shown on this web site we recommend that you take advice or speak to an independent broker that can take you through your choices.  We are not paid anything by any of the providers that we features in our editorials.

Who we are

Findafuneralplan.co.uk articles are written by a team of contributors taken from the financial services industry who work across various businesses that specialise in funeral planning and over 50s financial services.  With many years of experience between them they write under the Findafuneralplan.co.uk blog.  They don’t get paid for their contributions and likewise Findafuneralplan.co.uk doesn’t get paid by any of the businesses that it writes about so the blog stays independent and honest.