9 06, 2019

Guide to Over 50 Life Insurance

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Guide To Life Insurance Once Your Over 50 Why do I need Life Insurance ? Life Insurance is a way of leaving your loved ones some money should you die unexpectedly. It is an insurance policy and you usually only get money when you die. That means the money this kind of policy pays out usually goes to your family rather than you It is really important to think about how your family would manage without you and without your income.  Would they be able to afford to pay the bills ? What are the different types of Life Insurance ? Term Life Insurance This is a policy where you decided how many years you want to be insured for ('the Term of the policy') at the start. You will normally be asked a number of health and lifestyle questions, you may (not always) be asked to attend a medical, [...]

27 05, 2019

Best Over 50 Life Insurance With Free Gift

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Here we review all of the major UK providers of Over 50 Life Insurance to see which gives the best free gift.  Whilst we wouldn't suggest that you select your life insurance policy based solely on the free gift it is worth knowing where the best gifts are available.  Below is a simple comparison showing their free gift and when their offers expire.  We also show you what to watch out for in their terms and conditions as some make claiming your gift a lot harder than others - be warned. If you want to compare the product features and prices then check out our comparison service. £100 Free Gift - No Expiry Date SunLife is by far the most well known Over 50 Life Insurance brand and for good reason, it current sells more Over 50 Plans than all of the competition put [...]

7 05, 2019

Compare Over 50s Life Insurance Plans

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Compare Over 50 Life Insurance Key checklist points Only buy policy with a big brand insurer, if you’ve never heard of them then don’t buy from them Ask for non-smoker cover if you are a non-smoker, it will likely be much better priced. If you’re a smoker then you may be better off going to an insurer where they don’t ask if you smoke.  Check out our comparison page to see which providers give preferential rates for non-smokers and which don't. Make sure that your payments stop after your 90 if you think you are going to one of the 1 in every 100 that reach 90.  If you don't think you will reach 90 years old then it may not matter so much to you. Make sure you compare levels of cover and premiums – shop around but don’t just choose on price as often the [...]

11 06, 2016

Dealing with the deceased’s estate

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What to do when someone dies - Part 2 Dealing with the deceased's estate In this article we continue the journey that you would started in the first few days after your loved one passed to organise your loved one's estate.  In our first article we explained the need to check for funeral insurance and also how to tell the appropriate authorities about the death. Your next steps : Check to see if there is a Last Will and Testament A Will is an extremely important document and it leaves instructions for those we leave behind and may also provide useful information to help organise our estate.  Even though your loved one may never have mentioned a Will, that doesn't mean they haven't left one.  Normally the person named in their Will as the Executor should have a copy of the Will or may know where one is kept.  It is worth checking [...]

4 06, 2016

What to do when someone dies

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What to do when someone dies The loss of someone close to you is a hugely emotional time for everyone and if the tasks of sorting out the deceased's affairs and funeral fall to you there are some very practical steps that you will need to take. The first thing to realise is that you are not alone.  There is lots of advice available to those who have been recently bereaved that will help you understand what you need to do and how to go about it.  This article is intended to give you an outline of the tasks that lay ahead and point you towards further resources if you need them. There are three main sets of tasks which need to happen at different speeds. Immediate tasks upon the death of a loved one Notify your loved one's GP or the hospitaland take their advice on any immediate next [...]

1 06, 2016

Want to leave money for your funeral costs ?

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Want to leave money for your funeral costs? Here are some options to think about Escalating funeral prices mean that all of us should be thinking about how our funeral will be paid for, when the time comes. It's not a subject most of us what to think about, but it is important to do it. Funeral poverty in the UK- the gap between the average cost of a funeral and the average amount of money people leave behind to pay for it - is growing every year. In fact the 2014 cost of dying report from SunLife states that funeral poverty now stands at a whopping £200m in the UK. So, if you don't want to saddle your family with your funeral bill, what could you do? Typically, there are three main options for people to leave money behind for their funeral: 1. Putting money away regularly into a [...]

28 04, 2016

Top Tips For Buying a Prepaid Funeral Plan

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#1 : Don't Delay They say the only sure things in life are death and taxes; we'd say inflation is too. Try and name one thing that you can buy today for less than you bought it for 10 years ago - it's a struggle to think of anything. Funerals are no different, the cost of a funeral has increased an average of 6% each year in the last 10 years so buying a funeral plan sooner rather than later locks in the cost at today's prices and means you avoid inflation no matter how long you live. #2 : Don't buy on price alone Funeral plan providers come in all shapes and sizes but the plans they sell all look similar at first glance.   But don't be fooled. Pretty much all funeral plans will cover the costs of the funeral director but many don't [...]

26 04, 2016

Leave a ‘What To Do When I’m Gone List’

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Are you married or in a long term relationship? If you are then I'm sure you will have settled into a role within the relationship where you each have certain jobs that you do. Very commonly there will be one person that takes the lead when it comes to your joint finances often leaving the other person blissfully ignorant of what bank accounts, savings plans and life insurance policies etc you have together and how to access these. But just consider for a moment what would happen if the one who sorts out the finances were to die suddenly - how on earth would the surviving person cope, would they know where to start with the finances, would they find the necessary paperwork and even if they did would they know what to do with it? Royal London have recently conducted research on the financial and practical consequences of loosing [...]